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Hello and welcoem to skradiofm! I am here to talk about a very special walkie talkie and how it has it has effected day to day life. Radios were first released in the 17th century. Honestly back then they was no where near like what they are now. In today's society everybody uses radios to communicate one way or another.

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Radios are used by sending out wireless messages through the air to another radio. In today's world, Signals come from huge radio towers scattered across England which then go through the air into all the radios. Radios are mainly used in houses but people are starting to use them in cars and trains.

Radio's are a great way to relax and enjoy the sound of the radio talker and they sometimes play music which is great for relaxing listening to good songs.

Radios have progressed massively since the ealier centuries. They used to be powered by turning a magnet to conduct enough electricity for it to power for 10 minutes. But in today's world radios are easily powered by batteries or electricity by plugging them into a plug socket. Like earlier there are many ways to get signal for your radio. The common old way is to have a Antenna installed into your house, It then picks up the radio waves traveling into the air which picks them up which enables you to hear radio stations. You can turn a circle buttom which changes the diale which changes the radio station to a different one, The old Radios can be quite tricky to get a radio station but the new radios are very easy to operate which makes them a lot less stressful.

Like most radio waves, Other latest equipment like mobile phones, Xbox's etc transmit the same type of wave which is very similar to the radio waves. Not only are radio waves used for radios, They are also used for polcie radio's and navigation systems, These help a massive amount in today's society.

If you are interested in setup up and radio station then you have came to the right placer. We rent our radios to people like you for a short period of time. This can be a massive opportunity for you and your new radio business to become succesful it today's radio business society.